Don't Let Harsh Western NY Winters Claim Your Ride!

RUSTOP Undercoating Winterization Treatments

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The Legendary RUSTOP Treatment

Schmidt's Collision and Glass in Depew is proud to offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle, and wish to aid you in preserving your investment for as long as possible. Schmidt's is proud to offer professional applications of RUSTOP Enviro RS-100. RUSTOP can protect you from moisture, humidity, road salt, and other airborne pollutants that can cause the rapid deterioration of your vehicle frame and body.

Protect Your Car or Truck from Winter Weather

To protect your vehicle against corrosion our unique rust proofing formula is a yearly, oil based treatment for both new and used cars. Sprayed under extreme high pressure, our product constantly" creeps" and "crawls" coating, penetrating, and displacing existing moisture in very bit of your car's body, including the tight seams and crevices where rust starts - the places sealant rust proofing can't reach.

Unparalelled, Warrantied Protection From Road Salt and More

RUSTOP protects your vehicle on ways others cannot! Apply annually, and rest easy knowing your undercarriage is too. Fleet Vehicles Welcome!

  • Warranty (on new cars): This warranty applies to new privately owned vehicle(s), provided that the vehicle is not older than one (I) year, and upon inspection approval by a Rustop center. A vehicle(s) warranty remains in effect for the life of the vehicle regardless of how many miles the vehicle is driven, provided that vehicle is returned to Rustop annually for retreatment at the customer's expense.
  • Warranty (on used cars): This warranty applies to "Used" vehicles, a vehicle that is not older than two (2) years, and upon the inspection approval by a Rustop center. A "Used" vehicle warranty remains in effect for five (5) years provided that the vehicle is returned to the Rustop center annually for re-treatment at the customers expense.

Let's Get Started

Applications of RUSTOP to your vehicle start at just $129.95, and suggested to be applied annually. It's never too late. Rustop may be applied in any weather condition. Any time of the year Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. To get started, please call us at (716) 684-2200!

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